Dave Pianoman ~ the World’s Most Versatile Piano Entertainer in the Country (and he’s not bad in the towns either!)

Hi! I’m Dave. Pianoman by name, pianoman by nature. Welcome to my website 🙂

A bit about me

My first initiation to the piano was at primary school when I was 9 years old, a few boys and I were shifting an upright piano when it fell over and broke my leg! I was in Harold Wood Hospital for nearly 3 months.

dave-johnson-on-Latitude 21Then when I was about 11 my mum (who also played piano) sent me to a local piano teacher –Mrs Tettski who had a house full of cats and it smelt like it. I really couldn’t stand the smell of stale cats pee so consequently I never learned to read music.

When I was about 14 at high school, I was rapped on the knuckles with a ruler and kicked out of music class for ‘improvising by ear’. I was made to take woodwork then I made my first solid electric guitar and never looked back.

I then went on to play guitar, bass and keyboards in school bands then pubs and clubs. I accompanied many artists including CHUCK BERRY, GERRY MARSDEN, THE SEEKERS, FRANK IFIELD, LONNIE DONEGAN and THE DRIFTERS.

Now that I am heading towards the latter part of my career, I prefer to perform for more mature audiences who generally are bored and fed-up with the mundane monotony of modern dance music. I generally manage to please most of the people most of the time and some of the people ALL of the time (including me)!

I am available for hire in both the UK and Australia, as my schedule permits.
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